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Show Personality!

What a crack up! Did you know that Wikihow actually has an entry on “How to Get a Personality”?? –

In our buttoned-down, grown-up world, so many lean on the conservative, “goes with anything” black,
blue and white socks. It’s easy to get lost in uniformity.

What really makes the difference is in the smallest of details that show personality.

Why not add some pizazz with socks?

I once heard a story of a salesman, who was known for wearing unusual, fun- patterned socks. He said
when he sat down at a meeting table, and his pant leg went up, it was cause to break the ice. The sales
person could share a bit about himself, why did he choose the pattern he had on? It opened the door to
have some fun conversation with the client and be on a more personal level.

So, whether you like popcorn or are a movie buff

Or love Bacon

…go ahead – be proud! Show your personality with crazy novelty socks!

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